Packing for camp

Gathering and packing everything you’ll need for sleep away camp is part of the fun! Here are a few tips and some advice about how to pack for camp and what to bring for your stay at The Farm at Piper Hill.

suitcases work best
Campers will live out of their suitcases and most prefer that over duffel bags. Everyone's bags will be stored under their beds.

label everything
Permanently write, or better yet, use sewn or ironed-on labels that include the first and last name. We will be able to do laundry midweek and getting everyone's correct clothing back to them can be difficult if their items are not labeled.

don't pack anything of value

Things do get lost, damaged, and/or borrowed while at camp. Old t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts are quite the style at camp!

weather and climate
It’s normal for it to shower during the early afternoon so a rain jacket is a must. Make sure your child has layers, it will be quite warm throughout the day but North Carolina has been known to get chilly in the evenings sometimes during the summer.
cell phones and electronics
Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. While it may seem counter-intuitive, we have found that children who bring cell phones have a harder time adjusting to camp life and can have more difficulty with homesickness. A large part of camp is learning to be independent and you can help your child succeed by making sure they do not bring a cell phone. Campers are also not allowed to have electronic screens at camp. We ask that campers do not pack tablets (e.g., iPads), e-readers (e.g., Kindles or Nooks), iPods with touch screens (iPod Touch or iPod Nano) or smart watches. We strive to make camp a place for slowing down, “unplugging” from our devices, and for being more fully engaged with those around us.

suggested packing list
Click here for a list of what to bring to summer camp. While the items and quantities are “suggested,” we’ve found these items to be important. It’s also important to note that camper laundry will be done once mid week.