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A Typical Day at Piper Hill

Campers at Piper Hill will be awoken at 8:00am with a homemade farm country breakfast including eggs from our own naturally feed hens. There will always be fresh fruit and homemade muffins that the kids might help prepare at times. Always a choice of cereals, yogurt and granola with plenty of options. All our milk products are organic.

A typical day is never typical on the Farm

(but this is what can be expected on a typical day)


8:15am - Breakfast

9:15am - Morning animal care

               and egg gathering

10:15am- Hay Bale Archery

11:15am- Kayaking and water play

12:15pm- Lunch

1:00pm- Free play indoors and rest time

2:15pm- Crafts & Ice Cream Making

3:15pm- Hay Wagon Ride to Prospectors                Gulch gem mining and                                artifact hunting

4:15pm- Baby Calf Feeding

5:00pm- Back to residences/wash up and                 prepare evenings dinner to be                   served  at 6:30pm

7:15pm- Evening scavenger hunt

8:45pm- Back to bunks and ready for a                     nights  rest!


 Some of the activities we do at Piper Hill 

Animal Care


Kayaking and Water Play

Chicken Racing

Hay Archery

Cook-outs & Campfires

Hiking to Nickys Creek

Culinary Arts

Gem Mining & Treasure Hunting

Crafts and Experiments


Indoor and Outdoor Games